Sunday, July 29, 2012

OMG.... these little bears are cute....

           So A LONG time ago {almost 5 yrs} I had started to see these cute little fuzzy bears showing up on scrapbook pages and such. I decided to research them out and I found this site TheBearyScrap Designs and her lovely little patterns. Well as with anything new that I get excited about, I ordered tons of mulberry paper, tools and patterns for these bears. They arrived and ended up in a box and I never touched them. It just so happens I have a co - worker who is expecting her second baby {not sure of the sex yet} but I wanted to make a really cute card...... I was on Pinterest at work {I know HUGE no no} and came across a tutorial {which you can find on the above link} on how to make tear bears and then I got all excited because I already have all the supplies and I thought these would make the cutest baby cards. So today, I pulled out all of my supplies {most of which have changed I noticed} My patterns are all paper where as the new ones are acrylic and I started to create a little girl bear and a little boy bear {just in case}. Here they are...... SO CUTE......

          The eyes and nose are also found on the same site listed above and I added the freckles, eyelashes and mouth with my Copic black multiliner {I think it was the 0.03 size}. I have the eyes in the different colours and the noses come in different shapes and such. I will post a picture of the finished card when I am done..... I sure hope you like these little guys. I may have to start making more of them seeing as I have tons of paper that is just sitting here, although these won't take the place of my stamping and inking..... EVER...:)

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