Monday, April 21, 2014

Simply B Stamps =)

OMG is all I can say about these fascinating digital 
stamps that I came across on Facebook. 
So I am sure you are wondering all about the stamps
that I am talking about right?

Well Simply B Stamps have the most 
incredible digital stamps of the coolest chicks EVER.

I would describe them as pinup girl style with flair.

You can find them all here!

So right now Simply B is having this great little contest 
on her Facebook fan page. She has these cute little images 
called the Boudoir collection.

If you make a card with each of the 6 girls and post the 
cards on Simply B's Facebook page, you have a chance
 to win ALL of the Boudoir collection for the rest of the year...
Say WHAT???? 

You know I am all over that like white on rice.....

The contest has been extended till May 1st, 
so what are you waiting for?

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