Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair Online Class - Part 1

So I decided to take the plunge and join the 
Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair class 
over at Alyce's NING community.
You can visit her community here....
I am GIDDY with excitement.... SO EXCITED.
Everyone knows what a HUGE fan I am of Alyce's work, 
so much that I even bought one of her cards and 
I have it on my shelf in my craft room 
for inspiration. She absolutely ROCKS and so does her class.

It took me awhile to decide about taking it as it 
is a little expensive at $70.00 AUD!
BUT, it is SOOOO worth it! I can't stress that enough.
I can already tell from the the first video
that I am going to learn tons from this.

So I have decided that I am going to blog my progress as I go.
I purchased the class about a week and half ago. I did the printing of lesson 1
of stuff on my last set off and I just started the lesson today.

I have always done things my way, LOL.... 
and so one of the things
we were asked to do was to colour something the way 
we would normally do it. I chose to
 use the practice image and colour 
it with the colours that I would normally use and
colour it the way I would normally colour it. 

I already see a difference and this was first try!

** I am sorry about the crappy pictures, 
I was too excited to show you
and did not have the energy to set up my light box**

These are the colours that I tend to gravitate too...ALWAYS ;)
E0000, E000, E00, E11 and R20.

This is the way I usually would do the skin. I think it is ok...
I was never bothered by it BUT.... look at this.....

These are the colours that Alyce suggests..... yep there is
that SCARY E04 in there..... YIKES!

Now keep in mind, this is my first attempt AND
my markers need to be refilled in a BAD way
but I am thoroughly impressed with not only the colours
that were used but it actually looks good!

Here is the side by side image so you can see what
an amazing difference when you shade correctly.

I need to practice without a doubt, 
I also need to refill my skin markers.
That is on my to do list..... but holy smokes
I can not wait to do more with this class...

AND it is a reason for you to join as well....

Stay tuned for more..... =)


  1. I am doing and enjoying this class too. Fab work!

  2. I am also taking the class and my colouring have improved too!! Crazy what a difference it makes right??? Good job girl ;)


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