Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pocket Letter Pals...... SO MUCH FUN!!!

I am so excited to share with you my very
first completed PLP or Pocket Letter Pen-pal.

It is all the latest rage and let me tell you these
are SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE.......

I came across it surfing YouTube, the creator, Janette Lane
came up with this idea as a new way to exchange
interesting creative stuff with pen-pals from all
over the world. 

You can do themes if you would like... Me, personally 
I am a huge fan of Anything Goes. It allows
me to create from my personality and I love that....

You can join here, it is free and it is FUN!

This is a great way to use up scraps of paper 
you have lying around OR if you are like
me and have too much paper and there is not enough 
 time in this universe to use it all up.

So basically you use the 9 pocket trading card
protector sheets and you fill them with whatever you want. 
Being that this is my first one, I am thinking I will keep this one
to start my binder off with..... I have 3 more on the go right now.
I also have 3 partners that I am trading with.

This is a really unique way to send little goodies to
your swap partner. They can choose to use the stuff OR
you can keep it just like it is and store it in
a regular binder, which I think is what I want to do.

This is a picture of the back and of the goodies that
are put in the protecter. So as you can see, I have shaker stuff, 
stickers labels, die cuts, wash tape, twine, button accents 
and the most important, TEA!

I used Gold and Glitter tea from David's.

You also should include a letter to your pen-pal
and an About Me section, which is the centre.
I have listed 5 things about me.

I really hope you enjoyed this and I hope you
join us over at PLP. Who knows, maybe we can
become pen-pals!

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