Monday, May 18, 2015

Hi My name is Nikki and I am a Slacker......

I am so sorry everyone, I have really been slacking 
on the blogging front, in fact, I have been slacking in
all my creative endeavours. I have a ton of cards 
that I need to make that have been piling up.

I have started doing some mixed media stuff

AND THEN.........

There is this new amazing thing I have started doing.

I do not know if you have all heard of it {I am sure you have}
It is called Pocket Letter Pals aka PLPs.

Holy crap, they are so much fun to make. 

I am currently working on 4 right now, so
when I have completed them I will post about them
so you can all see what they are about.....

Hopefully by next week, I will be back to regular postings!

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