Sunday, November 03, 2013

Watermarks for Sale =)

I have always liked to be creative in many ways, hence the name CreativeJunkeez. I have been playing around with my new Photoshop Elements 11 and have really taken a liking to making sentiments and watermarks. If you see the DT watermark for the Paper Nest Dolls, that was me. I did not design the owl as that is a logo for Christine's shop but I was able to include the logo into the watermark so everyone knew which design team we were and we all had the same watermarks which I think is very professional looking for any business or design team. 

I have designed my own watermarks over the last couple of years and now I have decided that I would take it a step further and design some for everyone. The picture I have posted below is just the start of what I am about to create but at least it gives you an idea of what my designs could potentially look like. The pricing is going to be very reasonable as well. For a single watermark, it is simply $2.00. If you would like all three colours of the same sample, it would be $5.00 
or you can mix and match between the samples if you would like for the same price.
 If you would like to see a different colour
 I can do that as well. 

Another option is one designed specifically for you where I would work with you in the designing process. This would be $8.00 and it would include a white and a grey coloured watermark.

If you are interested, please contact me at Please put WATERMARK in capitals in the subject field. I would need your name and blog address. If you could also include the sample number and what colour you are interested in. I will send you an invoice through Paypal. Nice thing about this is there is no shipping.... you can not beat that. If you are happy with your purchase
I would ask that you pass it along to all your crafty friends........ 

I will be adding samples to the list as soon as they are made, so keep your eyes peeled. 

*Just to let you know that sample 2 has a snowflake on it, 
so perfect for the upcoming Christmas season*

If you need to see a bigger example of the watermark, just email me and I will send it to you =)

Don't forget to follow me on my journey, I promise I do not bite =)


  1. I love it! If I ever want to change mine, I will contact you for sure!

  2. Oooh! What fun watermarks! I will have to remember that if I want to change mine too! BIF Greetings!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Cool samples too! BIF

  4. How Great, I was just looking for somethinh like this.
    Will save your blogpost and then be back in a week when we get more money. :)

    Hugs from Linda

  5. I'm interested in Sample 6 in gray and white. I would LOVE to talk to you about it. I'm one of your DT members on TPS. Gail --

  6. P.S. I think I'd like it in all 3 colors: Gray, White AND Black! Sample 5 is just so pretty.

    Gail Lass


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