Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Ever Tutorial...... Making Your Own Envelopes.........

          So as part of our term with The Paper Nest Dolls we had to do a tutorial. This made me a little nervous because I have never done ANYTHING like this before, so please be gentle. As most of you are aware, I am a member of YouTube but have absolutely NO CLUE how to do videos so my tutorial is going to be a blog tutorial.
          I chose to do a tutorial on how to make envelopes, something I do a lot for my cards because 1: it is really hard to find envelopes that fit my big cards that I like and 2: I can coordinate them with the cards I make, either with paper or embellishments.

Supplies Needed

8.5X11 or 12X12 piece of card stock
Scissors (sharp and small)
Scor Pad (I use Martha Stewart here)
Double-sided tape (I use Scor tape, because it is strong) or you can purchase envelope glue.

Picture 1a
Step 1: You start out by measuring the paper. I do like to use a medium weight card stock, it just holds up better with the folding, ect. This particular example I am making a card that is 5X5" square. For this a 8.5X8.5" piece of card stock is a good size as it gives a little bit of room for embellishments. See 1a.

Typical Measurements

5x5" - 8.5X8.5" card stock
5.5X5.5" - 8.75X8.75" card stock
6X6" - 9X9" card stock

Martha Stewart Envelope Attachment

Picture 1a - 1
Picture 2a.
Step 2: Although I am not a huge fan of the Martha Stewart Scor board, I DO LIKE the fact it has an envelope attachment that can help with the scoring of the card. I would scor all four corners at the 3.25" mark. Please 1a -1. You WILL have overlapping and that IS what you want. Next see 2a.

Picture 3a.

Step 3: Cut all the overlapping corners as shown in picture 3a.

Picture 4a
Step 4: Use the bone to get a nice tight fold on all four corners. See 4a.

Picture 5a
Step 5: Tape the edges of the card with the double sided tape. You want to be as close to the edge as you can WITHOUT going over so you don't tape the inside of the card shut. See 5a.

Voila! You have your envelope! You can make the decision as to how you would like to decorate the envelope, I am a minimalist type of girl so I do not do too much decorating. If you choose to use a paper that coordinates with the card you are doing, just keep in mind to go with a lighter colour so you can address it and it can be seen (if you are mailing). Or you can make a label with a shaped spellbinder if you would like, just make sure it is STRONGLY attached to the envelope..... hope you enjoyed this tutorial.... xo

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