Friday, March 01, 2013

Goodies GALORE - The Paper Nest Haul =)

          So as I kill some time waiting for my mani/pedi appointment {YEAH}...... I decided I would blog a bit about all the goodies I received from Christine from The Paper Nest. When I started this gig with The Paper Nest Dolls I was told I would get a nice care package with some product in it. HOLY MOLY..... I was not expecting the stuff I got. I feel like it is Christmas or that I have won a lottery......

          Now seeing as I do not do YouTube videos..... {this is purely by choice} as I can barely find time to blog so why would I add videos to the mix? Maybe in the future when I can quit working my full time job and do this all day long {DrEaMiNg}...... I thought I would do a blog haul.... I do not know if this is the way things area done BUT this is how I am going to do it. I also wanted everyone to know just how generous Christine from The Paper Nest is......

          Now some people would say she went a little overboard {I am one of them} as I think I am still a little overwhelmed by all that I received. I am also very grateful for all this stuff that I can be creative with.... Kind of makes me mad I am going on vacation now because I would love to stay and play with all the goodies I received {ok well maybe a little mad} because let's face it I have not had holidays since November and I am DUE..... =)

          So I am going to add some pictures to show you what I was so lucky to receive!!!

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