Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling under the weather.......UGGGG

So yeah I think I am sick..... well I don't think I am sick I AM sick. I was feeling under the weather when I went in for my night shift last night <------- that was not the brightest move because I am pretty sure that is why I feel so awful right now.... I think I am experiencing my first head cold (never had one and quite frankly) not thrilled I have one now...... This weekend is my Thanksgiving where I cook for the entire family so whatever THIS is that I have had better be gone.... SAD thing is, I was trying to be proactive in getting my flu shot at work last week......hmmmmmm... simply put.....I am totally feeling sorry for myself right now and need to put the big girl panties on..... it would be a great time to ink some images but I have 2 things working against me 1. I probably could not concentrate long enough to colour and 2. All my stuff is at my mom's.... BOOOO. So it looks like lots of tea and watching TV and YouTube..... and trying to keep my head from exploding off my shoulders..... talk soon xo

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