Saturday, October 06, 2012

Be the Change....

My very good friend Angie started this wonderful group called Esteemed Chics. "Chics" stands for choosing health and integrating change. This group offers workshops for young girls to empower them to be who they are....... please check out the page..... A home based business called 3littlegems has offered their services to create a necklace and pendant that people can buy in support of Angie's workshops. $10..00 from the purchase of each necklace will go towards helping Esteemed Chics, who are working to get a curriculum-based program called “Every BODY is a Somebody” in our schools, so that we can have an impact on even more young girls and boys in our communities. The necklace and pendant is called "Be The Change". My mom and I have ordered ours, why don't you?

Let's Be The Change!

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