Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So I have 3 sleeps left......

          So I am leaving on a jet plane very soon, I will be going over to the mainland on Friday and flying to Phoenix on Saturday morning and I can not wait, although I have crazy allergies or I am getting a cold which unfortunately ALWAYS happens before my vacation........ I have not had holidays since November and I am truly looking forward to getting off this island for  more than a couple of days..... that and I am mentally and physically exhausted and need time away.
          SO unfortunately that means that the blog posts are going to be a little boring for the next couple of weeks as I can not pack my craft room and bring it with me so there won't be a whole lot of creating or card making going on BUTI am going to be shopping. I can not wait to visit Hobby Lobby and Joanne's because we do not have those stores in Canada. So YEAH for shopping. I also plan to sit by the pool at the house rental and CHILL.....
          I had a really cool surprise tonight. I was browsing through the blog subscription updates and noticed that the TGF had there "What did I find on Wednesday?" post and I saw there was a Nikki using Cheeky Geeky, so I decided to take a little peek and OMG, there I am with my card {one of my favourites}. I made it for a friend/coworker and it was actually made a few months ago so that was a really nice surprise.... see the link below, I am the third one listed... =) xo

What did I find Wednesday?

ps.... look for my posts for the The Paper Nest coming soon... =)

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