Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crocheting Crazy......

 So I am still sick..... ugggg.... funny how when your under the weather you just don't to do anything well not me...... although the cards have slowed down in the last week, the crocheting has picked up like CRAZY..... fall/winter is on it's way and people love their crocheted stuff. I have an obsession with sock monkeys right now, oh and owls..... My cup cozies have been selling like crazy the last couple of weeks, see below.....

How frreakin cute are these anyways? So of course I have to try and make a hat........ and here she is......

So next on my list is an owl hat..... but first I have to fill all the orders that have been coming in..... who knew?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling under the weather.......UGGGG

So yeah I think I am sick..... well I don't think I am sick I AM sick. I was feeling under the weather when I went in for my night shift last night <------- that was not the brightest move because I am pretty sure that is why I feel so awful right now.... I think I am experiencing my first head cold (never had one and quite frankly) not thrilled I have one now...... This weekend is my Thanksgiving where I cook for the entire family so whatever THIS is that I have had better be gone.... SAD thing is, I was trying to be proactive in getting my flu shot at work last week......hmmmmmm... simply put.....I am totally feeling sorry for myself right now and need to put the big girl panties on..... it would be a great time to ink some images but I have 2 things working against me 1. I probably could not concentrate long enough to colour and 2. All my stuff is at my mom's.... BOOOO. So it looks like lots of tea and watching TV and YouTube..... and trying to keep my head from exploding off my shoulders..... talk soon xo

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday.........

So my coworker/friend's birthday is this Friday..... now normally because she is a coworker she would get one of my cards anyways but because we hang out outside of work, she gets TWO of my cards. We are going out for dinner and I could not go without a card, now could I? Trying to decide what to do for her was the tricky part...... Shannon is a geek extraordinaire and she is the first person to admit it. She already has 2 degrees and is working on her masters..... So I picked the cutest stamps I could find..... The Greeting Farm's "Cheeky Geeky" along with a sentiment stamp "Geek is Chic"....... I think it turned out well. I was going to enter it into the FFF challenge but then realized I did not put any buttons or bows on it :(. Oh well Shannon will like it I am sure....
Stamp: The Greeting Farm's "Cheeky Geeky"
Sentiments: "Geek is Chic" and "Happy Birthday"
Gina K Kraft, Black and Lipstick Red
Patterned Paper: Unsure
Copic Markers:
Skin: E000, E11, R20
Hair: C3, C5, C7, C9
Shirt: N1, N3. N0
Tie and Glasses: R46, R89
Embellishments: Flowers, buttons and brads.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heavy Heart Today.......

I have an extremely heavy heart today........ a co-worker of mine lost her husband today due to a tragic car accident...... he was very young, too young to lose his life to a tragedy....... I am heart-broken for her and I felt sick to my stomach when she called this morning to inform us she would not be in to work today...... she didn't know what had happened at the time of the phone call. He is in Alberta working on the oil rigs..... I don't even have words for her or how sad I feel for their family. They have 3 children. I am hoping this card I made her will bring her a little light in the dark days ahead. In time, she will heal but for now she mourns....... I hope she can feel the love from everyone at work........ RIP Brian!

Stamp: Tiddly Inks Digital Stamp "Grow A Little Love"
Paper: Gina K Kraft and Ocean Mist
My Mind's Eye Patterned Paper
Amy R Sentiment
Copic Markers:
Skin: E00, E11, R20
Hair: E07, E09, E13, E15
Dress and Shoes: Y02, Y04, Y06, Y11, B02, B04
Plant: E31, E33, E37, R46, R89

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Operation Smile Kenya......

So a coworker of mine is heading off to Operation Smile in Kenya and needs to raise some money for the trip so she can go.... she asked if I would be willing to donate some of my creative stuff for a silent auction which of course I could not say no to. I am a Paediatric nurse, so if I can help in any way I will...... if I could go myself I would.... Kelly (my coworker) is called a Child Life Expert and she works with the children on our ward to help them cope with all aspects of hospital life. She does art therapy with kids and distraction techniques when we have to do some not so nice stuff to them (like IV starts, blood work and other procedures)  She also prepares children for their procedures, explains it to them and shows them what will happen and what to expect.... she really is a valuable member of our team..... and I was happy to donate some items..... a card, pictured below... a tutu and a Canucks inspired coffee cozy (pictures to come)....... hope you enjoy....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little One Boot Cuffs

OMG...... these are the cutest ever and I can not wait for my little niece to come back from the Justin Beiber concert tomorrow so I can get her to try these on with her boots...... She is quite the high fashioned little diva and she is only 4. Oh did I forget to tell you that she is the future Mrs. Beiber? (her words)...... I will be selling these on my Facebook page to the local folk but if you are interested, please visit my Etsy shop and drop me  note, I can make up a listing.... I would need size of the calf and  the coloured preferred.... check them out.....

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Be the Change....

My very good friend Angie started this wonderful group called Esteemed Chics. "Chics" stands for choosing health and integrating change. This group offers workshops for young girls to empower them to be who they are....... please check out the page..... A home based business called 3littlegems has offered their services to create a necklace and pendant that people can buy in support of Angie's workshops. $10..00 from the purchase of each necklace will go towards helping Esteemed Chics, who are working to get a curriculum-based program called “Every BODY is a Somebody” in our schools, so that we can have an impact on even more young girls and boys in our communities. The necklace and pendant is called "Be The Change". My mom and I have ordered ours, why don't you?

Let's Be The Change!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

CopicOz's Think Pink Challenge.....

This month is breast cancer awareness month and I am actually going in for my very first mammogram next week because I turned 40....... The cancer cause is very near and dear to my heart as it effects my family so greatly....... I have had 2 aunts who have had breast cancer, both survived, but unfortunately my 1 aunt died from ovarian cancer........ because of this and having a scare myself when I was 26, I was adamant about going to get a mammogram but believe it or not my doctor refused, even after my history.... did I mention that everyone in my family who has passed away has had cancer??? I pretty much know my fate but that is not going to stop from taking every single effort to make sure that I am ok....... so I've only been 40 for a week in half...... I could not wait to make an appointment....... anyhow.....
It has been a while since I have entered a card into a challenge..... and on this particular set off I feel like I accomplished SO MUCH more than I ever did on my 2 weeks vacation. I had inked this cutie pie, Tiddly Inks Wryn Spring Bling yesterday.... I then saw that there was a Think Pink challenge on Copic Oz's blog...... and thought..... it was SO PERFECT...... you be the judge......

Stamp: Tiddly Inks Wryn Spring Bling
Gina K Innocent Pink 5.5X5.5" card back
Beartless Digital Paper: Green & Pink Paisley
Copic Markers
Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20
Hair: RV10, RV11, RV13, RV14
Dress: YG03, YG23, YG25, RV14
Flowers: Boo, BO1, Bo4
Diamond Stickles
Wild Orchid Flowers

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fluttering By To Say Hi for Betsy.....

So I inked up another little beauty today for our pharmacist that works on our floor whose birthday is coming up....... I used Tiddly Inks Fluttering By to Say Hi, she is such a little beauty and so much fun to colour. I made this card into an easel card so that Betsy can display this card like she does all of the cards I make her....... I hope she likes it......

Stamp: Tiddly Inks Fluttering By to Say hi
Gina K Kraft 5.5X5.5" cardback
Purple and Lime Green Bazill Cardstock
EP "Hello Summer"
Hair: E07, E09, E13, E15
Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20
Dress/Shoes: Vooo, V01, V12, V15, V19
Flowers: RV10, RV11, RV13, R02, R05, Y04, Y08, BV000, BV01
Butterflies: YG23, BG23, BG01, BG05, YR04, YR09
Basket: W3, W5 

Monday, October 01, 2012

Halloween "Just Because" Card

So my friend/coworker LOVES Halloween, it is by far her most favorite holiday EVER.... so when I saw this really adorable digital stamp from Saturated Canary called "WitchKeys" I just HAD to have it....... I don't normally make cards for Halloween unless it is for my niece or nephew..... but in this case I made the exception for a couple of reasons....... 1. Ashley and I are dressing up as witches on Halloween for work (we work on the Paediatric ward)  She is going as the good witch and I am going as the bad witch..... 2. I had seen this card done by Leah Ann Gast better known as the Hoosier Stamper on Facebook and I have to say I was totally inspired.... I loved the colour combinations she chose as they are the same colours that Ashley and I were using for our costumes.... I really liked how this card turned out...... 

Stamp: Saturated Canary's "WitchKeys"
Gina K Kraft  5.5X5.5" card-back
Gina K Sundance card-stock
Bazill Purple card-stock
K&Company "Halloween" paper
K&Company Die-cuts and Embellishments
I also added some tulle into the mix.... :)
Inside of the card.... 

Copic Markers
Ciao markers: E47, V12, V15, W3, W5, YR07.
I also noticed after I posted this I forgot to add E9, E15 and E19 to the picture.... :(