Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One More Day......

          Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Well my time in Phoenix is coming to an end..... Friday is my last day here... Let me tell you my wallet will be grateful! I thought we were done with the shopping but alas we hit up Michaels and found some more goodies.... so pictures will be taken and I will do a MAJOR blog haul. It will probably have to be done in 2-3 posts because we got SO MUCH STUFF....... I had to buy 2 extra bags just to bring all my stuff home...... and that isn't even including the craft stuff we bought, we have a big separate box for all that =)!
          I will be ending my time here by going to see the Canucks play the Coyotes which is always awesome. Originally I was told we weren't going so I am a little bummed that I do not have my Lapierre jersey but to be perfectly honest I didn't have the room anyways. Ashley and I are going to a game in Vancouver on April 8th against who else but the Coyotes? Funny I have been to 3 games in my life and they have all been between the Canucks and the Coyotes....... I'm seeing a pattern there... =)
          One thing I am so happy about is getting home and being creative once again, I have missed it so much and I am so excited about the challenge blog the The Paper Nest Doll's is sponsoring. That will be my first task. I do not have a lot of time but I always work better under pressure.... =)
          Anyways, I am EXHAUSTED...... so I am hitting the hay. xo

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