Watermarks For Sale =)


I firmly believe in the importance of protecting one's work!

You can spend a lot of time putting together fabulous creations
and protecting these creations
should be your number one priority!

If you are choosing to use a
company's stamp (digital/rubber/clear),
you should really be taking
effort in protecting their work as well.

I know for myself, some of my creations,
depending on the embellishments
and/or inking involved can take
 up to several hours to complete.
That is a lot of time to be taken
away or claimed by someone else.

Watermarks have become very popular as of late,
especially because you can be so creative with them.
They are the perfect way to put your
own identifiable stamp on your work.

With that being said, I am offering my services in
making/creating that perfect watermark for you.
My prices are very reasonable for the amount
of work that goes into creating that perfect one.

I will offer 5 samples of generic watermarks {more will come}
that you can pick from and I can just add your information
to it. Please keep in mind, these will not be OOAK
and anyone could have these.

These will be very basic designs.

The samples will be numbered and you may purchase them
through the PayPal drop-box. You can pick which sample
you would like. Just enter the information you want
added to the watermark in the message to seller box.

I will also create personalized watermarks. Please keep in mind
that I try very hard to make these OOAK but this can be
challenging if someone likes
a particular aspect about a watermark
that is already made, unless that person their own pre-made
logo/design that they would like to use.
I will try my hardest to be respectful of one's design.



Generic samples will be $3.00 each
Personalized watermarks will be $5.00 each unless you are
a member of Kit and Clowder; the price will be $4.00.
If you are a company owner
and are after a design for your team,
prices can be negotiated by emailing me at
You can check here for samples.


 Generic Samples
Please email me at

You may purchase the personalized watermarks
through their own separate PayPal dropbox.
Please leave your email address in the
box shown and I will contact you to find out details.

Personalized Watermarks
Please enter your email...


So now your asking how this works.....
You make a purchase through this site, I will get notification and contact you
for further instruction on what you would like.
PLEASE make sure I have the correct email address.

I will make a sample for you and send it to see that you like it...
I also ask that you PROOF READ... it sucks when it is
all completed and you go to use it and find out
it is spelled wrong..... If we are in agreement, I will get your
files ready for you...

I MUST REPEAT..... I ask that you PROOF READ 
when you receive your sample files. If I have completed the order
and have sent you the final files. I will not do them again for free
because you did not proof read them. If I have to do them over
I will be charging for them AGAIN...

The price includes 4 PNG files in four colours; a white, grey,
 black and a white (more transparent) one.
If you need another colour,
please tell me at the time of PURCHASE.

**Notice to Buyers**

This is a hobby for me.
I am a full time registered nurse who works shift work.
I work on the watermarks on my days off. I want to make that
very clear so there are no misunderstandings.
I will let you know if I am backing up with orders.

I make them in order of how they are received... sometimes
I am waiting for responses from people. This is where
I can start on another design. I sometimes
have 10 going at the same time.
So please be patient with me!
I will KEEP files for 6 months total.

**I am still working at getting everything on here...
 if you are interested please
 contact me through the email below**

Any concerns? Please email me at creativejunkeezwatermarks@homtail.com

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Disclaimer: The fonts and artwork used on my watermarks are found on various sites on the internet. If there is an option to buy or donate to the creator, I will do this. I do not claim that I am in way responsible for making the fonts/artwork.


  1. I am so delighted to have found your blog. thanks so much for what you do.

    with smiles

    1. Thank you Laine... I really enjoy doing it... =)

  2. Hi sonia jackson has reccomeded you for water marks

  3. Nikki designed for me a beautiful watermark! It was amazing how intuitive she was in understanding what I wanted. The colors are so very pretty. I've been nervous about getting a watermark but it was time to start using one, she made it so simple...because she did all the hard stuff...lol. I love it Nikki thank you so much. Linda Miller


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