Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paper, Paper and More Paper......

          So I think I have an addiction.... well anyone who knows me KNOWS I have an addiction to anything remotely crafty but I was actually counting my 6X6 paper pads and I have over 100 of them AND I have bought more that are waiting for me in Phoenix {cheaper to ship} when I go. This is not including the multitudes of 12X12 paper that is taking up a whole side of my closet..... So I am thinking I need to figure out how to stop buying and how to use up what I have.... BUT it is SO hard when all these cute papers come out. Just the other day I was with my friend, Ashley and we were walking through Michaels and I happened to stop in front of the MME display..... she literally had to tell me to STOP and WALK away from the paper as she was physically dragging me away..... I think the people who were walking by thought we were crazy but really if anybody saw how much paper my mother and I have accumulated they would gasp...... I think I may have to sit down on a couple of my days off and figure out what I can use with what and do some organizing... seriously... :)

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