Saturday, February 16, 2013

Can You Say AMAZING????

          First off, I would like to say that my old blog is GONE forever FOREVER..... Secondly, I would like to praise, gloat, yell as loud as I possibly can how appreciative I am to Chelsea of Bellaluluink. This girl {and her husband, because I can not forget him} took on a challenge of a lifetime and did the deed of making my blog BEAUTIFUL..... I am in awe of the design and I am so proud of my blog now..... I find it glamorous.
          I can't even begin to to tell you what a disaster it was for this dynamic duo to get this up and running. Apparently my blog was being rude to these lovely people.... but they still were able to make it work and I {heart} it..... so thank you thank you THANK YOU....... You guys are the BEST!!!


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