Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My girl's cards............

Wow 2 posts in one day, that is crazy..... so I had to post the pictures of the finished cards I made for all my good friends....... they all have their favourite colours although that was not entirely how I based who would get what card. I used some Tiddly Inks digital stamps which of course our ALWAYS super adorable...... and I always have a great time colouring them...... I also used a stamp from a new artist Pattie, who has an Etsy store, see the link below. So here they are.... enjoy....

Tiddly Inks "Cocoa Wishes"
SillyDillyBeans "Three Penguins"

Tiddly Inks "Minnie's Christmas Lights"

Tiddly Inks "Minnie's Christmas Lights"
I made this card with a few different variations in
colours for different friends. Apparently I did not take pictures of all of them.

Pattie's Creations "Holiday Reindeer"
This one is for my adorable hairdresser Tara who is a miracle worker..... :)
You can't see it but I added Glossy Accents to his nose... SUPER CUTE.

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