Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is almost here........

Our weather on the West Coast has been milder than usual which means we have not had any snow yet so I totally thought it was appropriate to add some falling snow to my page, how cute is that? Well I have been a busy bee...... trying to get all my Christmas cards completed. You saw from my last post the ones I sent my aunts and uncles.... well this post will be the ones I sent to my immediate cousins. I also completed the same ones for the Paediatricians I work with. As I am typing this I just realized I never took a picture of any of the 30 cards I did for my co-workers....DOH!!!. That wasn't very smart of me as they have all been sent out already so I guess I won't be showing those ones...sorry.... :(. I am so happy to be done with the Christmas cards..... I unfortunately did not write the colour Copics I used either.... WOW, where has my head gone? I can however tell you that I used stamps from a great little artist named Megan Suarez from SillyDillyBeans... Check these out they are super cute.... :)

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