Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Etsy Shop

So I have started to slowly add some of my cards to my Etsy shop. Setting up shop has been a very slow process for me, more so because I have a full time job already and all my spare time is spent making cards, hair accessories and baby gifts. It is fun and I love being creative. The one thing I wish I was better at was photography. I even have a great camera, a Canon Rebel, but I still do not know how to use it "properly". All my photos as of late have been taken with my Iphone, which explains the sometimes crappy pictures but whats a girl to do? I guess take a camera course... {I should look into that}. One of my brother's good friends is a photographer....... maybe he can show me if I ask nicely. Well.... that is all for now.... I have more cards to make........

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