Friday, June 29, 2012

Magic Mike..... Ummmmmm

So 2 of my co workers and myself braved the craziness and went and saw Magic Mike tonight. I think there was one poor lonely soul {a man} in the entire theatre of hormone raging women...... As far the movie is concerned, I'm sitting on the fence. Apparently it is suppose to be about the main character, Channing Tatum's real life as a stripper. I do not claim that I know the "real" information. This is something I have heard. I also heard that men would really enjoy this movie because of all the action.... well to be honest, there was a lot of action but not the type of action a man would be interested in seeing. There was a lot of bumping and grinding and shaking their butts. I will leave people to make their own opinions of the movie, would I go see it again, probably not but it certainly was entertaining.
Please see the Magic Mike trailer....

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